Research and Discovery

researchTo improve health, we at the School of Pharmacy focus on the patient. In our research, we strive to solve the mysteries of illness at all levels, from molecules to cells to people. By comparing the genetics and tissues of patients with those of healthy people, we discover the changes that trigger disease. We use that knowledge to develop diagnostic methods and to increase the effectiveness and safety of drugs through new methods of efficient and targeted delivery. Through improvements in chemical technology, we formulate drugs in new ways to get them where they are needed in the body, such as into the brain to treat dementia or into tumors to treat cancer. By studying the economics of healthcare, we work to maximize lives saved and quality of life, and we implement programs to integrate pharmacists into healthcare, in the hospital, elderly centre, and home, where their therapeutic expertise efficiently benefits patients. Explore our research.

Understanding Disease


  • Bioanalytical Unit
    • Pharmaceutical Product Analysis
    • Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies

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