Delivery Formulation

Prof. Sharon LeungProf. Sharon Leung develops technology platforms to produce engineering particles for respiratory delivery. She extends the application of microfluidic platforms to encapsulate bacteriophage into liposomes and biocompatible polymeric particles suitable for inhalation. As bacteriophages are not able to diffuse across cellular membranes, she is also looking into functionalizing the bacteriophage carrier systems to target intracellular pathogens.

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ZUOZhongJoanProf. Joan Zuo tests delivery via the nose of drugs ranging from small molecules to peptides and proteins, since this route conveniently and quickly accesses the brain, where the drugs are needed. This method can reduce side effects of the drugs in the rest of the body, while increasing levels of the drugs in the brain, thus improving their effectiveness. She also tests delivery of drugs such as propranolol under the tongue (sublingually) based on her patent.

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LAMTaiNingTeddyDr. Teddy Lam develops computational modeling and simulation methods to better understand the mechanisms of drug absorption into, distribution within, and elimination from our bodies. This knowledge can help scientists develop drugs that better reach their desired levels and targets within the body, thus treating people with diseases that are now not effectively treated.

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