Inventors Title Patent Numbers
Zhang, S., Chow, A.H.L. and Lee, T.W.Y. A Novel Polymorph of Itraconazole with Improved Pharmaceutical Properties US provisional patent application (No. 62/333,335) , 9 May 2016.
Au-Yeung, S.C.F.,
Ho, Y.P.#, Lin,G., Han, X.,
Wang, X., Lu, S. and
Jiang, T.
Synthesis of platinum complexes and uses thereof. United States Patent 6,110,907, August 29, 2000
Au-Yeung, S.C.F., To, K.K.W., and Ho, Y.P.# Composition comprising demethylcantharidin in combination with platinum-containing anticancer agents and use thereof. Chinese Patent CN 1768737A, May 10, 2006

Hong Kong SAR Patent HK 1064955, May 4, 2006

European Patent EP1390027A1, Feb 25, 2004

Chow A.H.L#. and
Chu, K. K. W.
Preparation and Standardization of Immunomodulatory Peptide-linked Glucans with Verifiable Oral Absorbability from Coriolus Versicolor US Patent No. 7048932 B2

GB Patent No. 2407321 B

Chow A.H.L#. and Chu, K. K. W. 「製備和檢定具有可檢驗的口服吸收性雲芝的免疫調節的肽聯葡聚糖」 Chinese Patent No. ZL03141007.3

HK Standard Patent No. HK1059088

Chow A.H.L#. and Chu, K. K. W. Herstellung und Standardisierung von immunmodulierenden Peptid-verknüpften Glucanen mit nachweisbarer oraler Resorbierbarkeit aus Coriolus Versicolor German Patent Application No. 10392697.6 (allowed but not yet issued)
Chow, Sing Sum Moses; Wang, Yan-Feng; Zuo, Zhong Joan Method of enhancing absorptions of transmucosal administration formulations Malaysian Patent No. MY-141878-A, July 16, 2010

Hong Kong Patent No. HK1107271, May 31, 2010

Chinese Patent No. 200580030149.3, March 24, 2010

USA Patent No. US 7,329,416 B2, Feb. 12, 2008

Singapore Patent No. 129874

Ho, Y.P.#, Au-Yeung, S.C.F., To, K.K.W., and Wang, Xinning Demethyl-cantharidin platinum complex isomers and their use European Patent EP1749831A1, Feb 7, 2007
Lee, V.H.L.# Method to enhance epithelial drug transport U.S. Patent 5,534,496

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