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CHEUNG Yin Ting 張彥婷

B.Sc. (Pharm.) (Hons.), Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Pharmacy
Faculty of Medicine
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3943 6833
Fax:(852) 2603 5295

Personal Details

Cheung Yin Ting received her training on pharmacoepidemiology and cancer survivorship from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (Memphis, USA). During her Ph.D. candidature, she had the privilege of pioneering the cognitive and psychosocial research program in Asian breast cancer patients. Her work with the Cognitive Neuroscience Team at St. Jude involved characterizing the pharmacological, biological and genetic determinants of brain function and other treatment-related complications in survivors of pediatric cancer. She also had previous teaching appointments with Rhodes College (Memphis, USA) as an Adjunct Assistant Professor.

Yin Ting joined the School of Pharmacy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in August 2017. Yin Ting has initiated research/ commissioned projects for the Childhood Cancer Survivors’ Study (National Institute of Health, USA), the Chinese Children’s Cancer Group (CCCG), the Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) and the Hospital Authority (HK), as well as NGOs serving patients with cancer. She hopes that her collaborative research with students, clinicians and scientists can help to improve health outcomes in survivors of cancer and other chronic diseases.

**Seeking motivated MPhil/PhD candidates who wish to pursue a higher degree in cancer survivorship-related research. Learning outcomes include developing integrated skills in epidemiology, biostatistics, pharmacy practice and social sciences. Candidates will have the opportunity to initiate patient-centered outcomes or/and interventional research in a collaborative environment. Please contact Dr Cheung ( for more information.   


Research Interests

Yin Ting’s research interest is in supportive care and survivorship in adult and pediatric oncology.

Major advances in health care delivery have dramatically improved survival rates for children and adults diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Unfortunately, survivorship often comes at a cost of developing a myriad of treatment-related complications that can have a negative impact on their functional outcomes and health-related quality of life.

Yin Ting’s work adopts a combination of epidemiological, translational and qualitative research approaches to characterise these drug-induced toxicities, particularly in adverse outcomes related to brain function, such as neurocognitive impairment, behavioral problems and psychological distress. Her collaborative work involves evaluating how underlying genetic predispositions, as well as physiological biomarkers, biobehavioral factors and chemotherapy exposures during the active treatment phase, are predictive of long-term complications in survivors of cancer.

The eventual goal of this work is to develop an evidence-based model that will facilitate a “personalized survivorship care plan” for each cancer survivor, as well as to apply a similar approach to improve health outcomes in other chronic conditions.

Research collaborations:

  • St Jude Children’s Research Hospital (Memphis, USA)
  • Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center (Guangzhou, China)
  • Childhood Cancer Survivors’ Study (CCSS) (Funded by the National Institute of Cancer, USA)
  • Chinese Children’s Cancer Group (CCCG)
  • Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC)


Research grants:

  • The Mechanistic Role of “Premature Aging” in Cognitive and Behavioral Outcomes in Survivors of Childhood Cancer (Ref No: 14605421). Sponsored by Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC): General Research Fund (GRF) during the period 01-01-2022 to 30-09-2023 for the sum of HKD 522,566
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Neuroimaging, Cognitive and Life Functioning Outcomes in Patients with Hemophilia (Ref No: 14602620). Sponsored by Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC): General Research Fund (GRF) during the period 01-01-2021 to 30-06-2022 for the sum of HKD 424,400
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Health and Socio-environmental Determinants of Functional Outcomes in Survivors of Pediatric/Young Adult Bone and Soft-Tissue Sarcoma (Ref No: 14601919). Sponsored by Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC): General Research Fund (GRF) during the period 01-01-2020 to 31-12-2021 for the sum of HKD 634,508
    Role: Principal Investigator
  • A Biobehavioral Model to Understanding Cognitive and Psychosocial Outcomes in Young Survivors of Childhood Leukemia (ref no: 24614818) Sponsored by Research Grant Council (Early Career Scheme) during the period 01-01-2019 to 30-6-2021 for the sum of HKD 636,835
    Role: Principal Investigator
  • Personalized Risk-based Care and Education for Early Survivors of Childhood Cancer in Hong Kong (ref: 03170047)
    Sponsored by Health and Medical Research Fund (Research Fellowship) during the period 01-02-2019 to 31-07-2021 for the sum of HKD 813,070
    Role: Principal Investigator
  • Promoting Safe and Appropriate Use of TCM in Survivors of Childhood Cancer (促進兒童癌症康復者安全有效使用中醫藥的知識) (19B1‐2/017A_R1). Sponsored by Chinese Medicine Development Fund (中醫藥發展基金) during the period 01-01-2021 to 31-12-2021 for the sum of HKD 65,200
    Role: Principal Investigator
  • “Eyes on Haemo” – A Self-Management Multi-modal Care Program (<凝‧視血友>自我管理計劃 ) (S/N 2020-0106). Sponsored by the Jockey Club Charities Trust (Hong Kong Hemophilia Society) during the period 01-10-2020 to 30-09-2023 for the sum of HKD 899,750 (of HKD 2,690,000)
    Role: Site Principal Investigator
  • Effects of immersive virtual reality for alleviating anxiety, nausea and vomiting among paediatric cancer patients receiving their first chemotherapy: a randomized controlled trial. (Ref: 18190151). Sponsored by Health and Medical Research Fund during the period 01-02-2022 to 31-01-2025 for the sum of HKD 983,851
    Role: Co-investigator (PI: Prof Cho Lee Wong, CUHK Nethersole School of Nursing)
  • Iron Deficiency and its Impact on Neurocognitive Function in Hong Kong Adolescents (Ref: 17180441). Sponsored by Health and Medical Research Fund during the period 01-08-2020 to 31-12-2021 for the sum of HKD 594,820
    Role: Co-investigator (PI: Prof Chi-Kong Li, CUHK Paediatrics)
  • Asthma Control in Paediatric Patients using Mannitol Challenge Test – Impact of Body Mass Index (Ref: 04180037).
    Sponsored by Health and Medical Research Fund (Research Fellowship) during the period 15-02-2020 to 14-02-2022 for the sum of HKD 833,180
    Role: Co-investigator (PI: Prof Sharon Leung, CUHK Pharmacy)

Teaching grant:

  • Prescribing in Practice for Medical and Pharmacy Undergraduates: Teaching Safe Prescribing of Key and High-risk Drugs through Case-based Learning via an E-Learning Platform. Sponsored by the CUHK Courseware Development Grant Scheme 2018-2019 during the period of 24-09-2018 to 31-05-2019.
    Role: Project team member (PI: Prof Elaine Chow, CUHK Medicine and Therapeutics)
  • Prescribing in Practice in special patient populations: a case-illustrated project-based learning for medical and pharmacy students. Sponsored by the CUHK Courseware Development Grant Scheme 2019-2022 during the period of 01-01-2021 to 30-11-2021.
    Role: Project team member (PI: Prof Elaine Chow, CUHK Medicine and Therapeutics)



Bachelor of Pharmacy Programme

  • PHAR 1000 Introduction to Pharmacy
  • PHAR 2710 Pharmaceutical Research Methods
  • PHAR 4401 Industrial Pharmacy Clerkship: Multi-national Company
  • PHAR 4402 Industrial Pharmacy Clerkship: Local Manufacturer
  • PHAR 4911 (Research Project I) and PHAR4912 (Research Project II)
  • MEDF 1021 Faculty Package: Public Health & Healthcare Ethics
  • MEDF 1031 Faculty Package: Communication Skills

Master of Clinical Pharmacy

  • PHAR 5852 Pharmacovigilance and Public Health for Pharmacists
  • PHAR 5824 (Graduation Project I)
  • PHAR 5924 (Graduation Project II)


Representative Publications

  1. van der Plas E, Modi A, Li CK, Cheung YT. Cognitive Impairment in Survivors of Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia treated with Chemotherapy Only. J Clin Oncol. 2021 Apr 22;JCO2002322.
  2. Cheung YT, Zhang H, Cai J, Au-Duong LWP, Yang LS, Yan C, Zhou F, Chen X, Guan X, Pui CH, Hudson MM, Li CK. Identifying Priorities for Harmonizing Guidelines for the Long-term Surveillance of Childhood Cancer Survivors in the Chinese Children Cancer Group (CCCG). JCO Global Oncology. 2021;7:261-276.
  3. Peng L, Yam PPY, Yang LS, Lam CS, Chan AS, Li CK and Cheung YT. Neurocognitive and Behavioral Outcomes of Chinese Survivors of Childhood Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Front Oncol 2021 Apr 20;11:655669.
  4. Fung EWT, Au-Yeung GTF, Tsoi LM, Qu L, Cheng TKW, Chong DW, Lam TTN, Cheung YT. Pharmacists’ Perceptions of the Benefits and Challenges of Electronic Product Information System Implementation in Hong Kong: Mixed-Method Study. J Med Internet Res. 2020;22(11):e20765
  5. Cheung YT, Liu W, Brinkman TM, Srivastava D, Leisenring WM, Howell RM, et al. Prescription Psychoactive Medication Use in Adolescent Survivors of Childhood Cancer and Association with Adult Functional Outcomes. JNCI Cancer Spectrum 2020. Epub: pkaa057,
  6. Yan C, Cheung RSY, Wong CL, Cheng HY, Liu F, Huang H, Ewig CLY, Li CK, Zhang H*, Cheung YT*. Stress and Perception of Procedural Pain Management in Chinese Parents of Children With Cancer. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2020 Jul 5;S0885-3924(20)30571-6. *co-corresponding authors
  7. Sapkota Y, Cheung YT, Moon W, Shelton K, Wilson CL, Wang Z, Mulrooney DA, Zhang J, Armstrong GT, Hudson MM, Robison LL, Krull KR, Yasui Y. Whole-genome Sequencing of Childhood Cancer Survivors Treated with Cranial Radiation Therapy Identifies 5p15.33 locus for Stroke: A Report from the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort study. Clinical Cancer Research. 2019 Aug 28. pii: clincanres.1231.2019.
  8. Cheung YT, Eskind A, Inaba H, Hudson MM, Pui CH, Krull KR, Wolf J. Association of Bacteremic Sepsis With Long-term Neurocognitive Dysfunction in Pediatric Patients With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. JAMA Pediatrics. 2018 Sep 24. doi: 10.1001/jamapediatrics.2018.2500.
  9. Cheung YT, Khan RB, Liu W, Brinkman TM, Edelmann MN, Reddick WE, Pei D, Panoskaltsis-Mortari A, Srivastava D, Cheng C, Robison LL, Hudson MM, Pui CH, Krull KR. Association of Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers of Central Nervous System Injury With Neurocognitive and Brain Imaging Outcomes in Children Receiving Chemotherapy for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. JAMA Oncology 2018 Jul 12;4(7):e180089.
  10. Cheung YT, Brinkman TM, Li CH, Mzayek Y, Srivastava D, Ness KK, Patel SK, Howell RM, Oeffinger KC, Robison LL, Armstrong GT, Krull KR. Chronic Health Conditions and Neurocognitive Function in Aging Survivors of Childhood Cancer: A Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study. Journal of National Cancer Institute. 2017. 2018;110(4):411-419.
  11. Cheung YT*, Sabin ND*, Reddick WE, Bhojwani D, Liu W, Brinkman TM, Glass JO, Srivastava D, Pui CH, Robison LL, Hudson MM, Krull KR. Leukoencephalopathy and Long-term Neurobehavioural, Neurocognitive, and Brain Imaging Outcomes in Survivors of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Treated with Chemotherapy: A Longitudinal Analysis. The Lancet Haematology 2016;3(10):e456-e466 *co-first authors
  12. Krull KR, Cheung YT, Liu W, Fellah S, Reddick WE, Brinkman TM, Kimberg C, Ogg R, Srivastava D, Pui CH, Robison LL, Hudson MM. Chemotherapy Pharmacodynamics, Neuroimaging and Neurocognitive Outcomes in Long-Term Survivors of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2016;34(22):2644-53

More Publications

Supplementary Information


2018 MASCC Rehab, Survivorship QoL SG Successful Training Award – PRO from The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC)
2018 Travel Grant “Mainland and Taiwan Strategic Partnership Development Programme 2018/2019” by Office of Academic Links (China), CUHK
2018 Best Oral Presentation, 8th International Symposium on Cancer Nursing, Hong Kong
2018 Best Poster Award (Student Category) received by BPharm student Jonathan POON Long Hin
8th International Symposium on Cancer Nursing, Hong Kong
2015 American Society of Hematology (ASH) Meeting 2015, ASH Abstract Achievement Awards and Outstanding Abstract Achievement Awards
2013, 2015, 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Meeting, Conquer Cancer Foundation Merit Award

Media Coverage

Service and consultancy with:

NGOs serving children with cancer (Little Life Warrior Society, Children’s Cancer Foundation)

  1. Public lecture “Safe Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Children with Cancer<中醫藥與兒童癌症康復者>” by Dr David Au (CUHK Institute of Integrative Medicine).Hosted by Prof Cheung Yin Ting. (Supported by the Chinese Medicine Development Fund)
    Download – Traditional Chinese Medicine Booklet <下載 – 中醫藥與兒童癌症康復者小冊子> 
    15 April 2021 
  2. Online educational series “Survivorship Passport for Children with Cancer <康復者計劃 – 擁有自己的康復者護照 —— 對「症」下藥,「知」多D、「做」好D健康講座>” by Prof Cheung Yin Ting.
    For the Little Life Warriors Society
    November 2020

Hong Kong Hemophilia Society (HKHS)

  1. Public lecture “Quality of Life and Functional Outcomes in Patients with Hemophilia <血友人生>” by Prof Cheung Yin Ting.
    For the Hong Kong Hemophilia Society Annual General Meeting
    17 April 2021

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