Novel Drugs

Dr. Wai-Lung NgDr. Wai-Lung Ng uses synthetic chemistry, molecular & cellular biology, and computational tools to develop novel bioactive molecules for the treatment of cancers and diabetes. In particular, our team will use an integrated chemical biology approach to create therapeutic small-molecules for the notoriously “undruggable” targets.

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Future direction


Dr. Kenneth To develops specific inhibitors of multidrug resistance (MDR) transporters to overcome cancer drug resistance and to improve the efficacy of chemotherapy. MDR transporters also limit the penetration of drugs into several body compartments such as the brain. Therefore, these inhibitors may also potentiate drug efficacy for difficult-to-treat diseases including brain cancer. He also develops new multi-targeting and less toxic platinum-based anticancer agents.

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Dr. Xiaoyu YanDr. Xiaoyu Yan uses mathematical modeling and simulation to understand the relationships between exposure (pharmacokinetics) and response (pharmacodynamics). This knowledge is important to select the appropriate dosing regimen for new drugs during clinical development.

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ZUOZhongJoanDr. Joan Zuo tests new drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other brain diseases. Current AD drugs have little effect, and effective AD drugs are urgently needed. Dr. Zuo studies the biopharmaceutic and pharmacokinetic characteristics of a series of dimeric tacrine analogs and established a biopharmaceutic/pharmacokinetic-based drug development platform for AD.

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