Pharmacy Society




Pharward, a team of 15 members which works as a whole, will strive for excellence and endeavour to support our big pharmacy family. Through various activities, we hope to inject new vitality into the lives of fellow members. We will build upon the legacy of CUHK Pharmacy and pursue the greatest well-being of the society. 「藥璡」十五位莊員本着追求卓越的理念,致力成為藥劑學院院會會員的支柱,支撐着整個藥劑大家庭,並組織各式各樣的活動,為會員的大學生活注入朝氣及活力。我們亦盼望能秉承中大藥劑的優良傳統,朝着謀求會員福祉的目標躍進。

Executive Committee of the Pharmacy Society 2021

Name Position
Wong Kui Kwan, Brian President
Cheng Wing Lau, Jamie Internal Vice President
Ma Suet-ting, Christy External Vice President
Choy Tsz To, Jacky Secretary
Chan Chi Ling, Krystal Treasurer
Poon Ka Yi, Helen Chung Chi College Representative
Tang Yi Chung, Antony New Asia College Representative
Tai Yuk Lun, Alan United College Representative
Tse Tsz Yi, Shilo Shaw College Representative
Kwok Ling Yan, Tina New Colleges Representative
Lam Wing Man, Angel Publication and Design Officer
Chung Wai Man, Mandy Publication and Design Officer
Chan Yin Wai, Brayden Marketing Officer
Ngai Siu Tung, Ernest Marketing Officer
Cheung Kai Hong, David Sports Affairs Officer




Sympharny is made up of eleven members who are committed to bringing a fruitful and unforgettable year to all of our members, uniting them and acting as a bridge between our members, the School of Pharmacy, colleges, external organizations and each other by organizing a wide spectrum of activities.

Executive Committee of the Pharmacy Society 2020

Name Position
CHAN Mai Ko President
LAI Long Yat Internal Vice President
LEUNG Hoi Shan External Vice President
SO Kin Hei Secretary
LEUNG Ka Chun, Hugo Treasurer
TSE Yi Wing Chung Chi College Representative
DAI Ho Yin New Asia College Representative
OR Wing Tung United College Representative
WONG Tsz Ching Shaw College Representative




Pharmacy Society is a student association dedicated to serving Pharmacy students. All thirteen members of Pharnexus, Pharmacy Society 2019, will cooperate and organize a variety of activities in the hope of converging our members, being considerate to them at all times and seeking benefits for them. We will also act as a bridge for members to communicate with the School of Pharmacy, colleges and external organizations.

Executive Committee of the Pharmacy Society 2019

Name Position
NG Tsz Chun President
IP Wing Tung Internal Vice President
ZHANG Junfeng External Vice President
FONG Nga Lin Secretary
CHAN Vegas Treasurer
POON Hei Lam Chung Chi College Representative
NGAI Tsz Chun New Asia College Representative
HO Hoi Ying United College Representative
TUNG Yan Tung Anisa Shaw College Representative
CHEUNG Ho Lun New Colleges Representative
CHEN Pak Yui Publication and Design Officer
KWOK Yin Tai Publication and Design Officer
LAM Hei Yiu Jessie Marketing Officer




The Pharmacy Society is a student association dedicated to serving students in the School of Pharmacy. All fifteen members of Pharmablaze, The Pharmacy Society 2018, are determined to serve members of the Pharmacy Society, and act as a bridge for members to communicate with the School of Pharmacy, colleges and external organizations, as well as to provide opportunities for members to interact with one another through events, thereby strengthening their sense of belonging to the School of Pharmacy.

Executive Committee of the Pharmacy Society 2018

Name Position
GOH, Zhen Hao President
KWAN, Hang Yui Internal Vice President
CHOU, Yat Chi External Vice President
MA, On Tung Secretary
LAM, Wing Sum Tiffany Treasurer
KUONG, Cheuk Hang Jeffrey Chung Chi College Representative
LI, Wai Yin Evelyne New Asia College Representative
LI, Kwan Yu United College Representative
WONG, Tin Yan Shaw College Representative
HUNG, Wing Lam New Colleges Representative
CHU, Lap Ting Publication and Design Officer
KUNG, Shuk Yi Publication and Design Officer
LUI, Tsz Yan Marketing Officer
SIU, Tsz Fung Marketing Officer
CHAN, Wai Hang Sports Affairs Officer




The Pharmacy Society is a student association dedicated to serving students in the School of Pharmacy. The 2017 Pharmacy Society, Pharmarise, is made up of 16 pharmacy students who uphold the belief of serving members of the Pharmacy Society, and pledge to host various activities for members to join, which may strengthen relations between our members. We will also act as a bridge for communication between members and the School of Pharmacy, colleges and external organisations.

Executive Committee of the Pharmacy Society 2017

Name Position
LEUNG, Ji Wai Joyce President
WONG, Chi Ieong Internal Vice President
FUNG, Wing To External Vice President
YUNG, Wai Yin Wilson Secretary
MANG, Ka Wing Karine Treasurer
HO, Wing Lok Chung Chi College Representative
CHIU, Casey New Asia College Representative
TSANG, Shi Ming United College Representative
HO, Chun Hin Shaw College Representative
YIP, Pak Ki New Colleges Representative
NGAI, Ho Man Publication and Design Officer
YU, Hiu Laam Publication and Design Officer
CHAN, Wing Tung Marketing Officer
NG, Cheuk Yiu Marketing Officer
FU, Man Hei Sports Affairs Officer
NG, York Ling Nicholas IT Officer



Pharmmitment, a group of 12 pharmacy students, is committed to concertedly serving and seeking welfare for the members with sincerity and boldness. Through a variety of activities, we aim to bring about a fruitful and memorable year for the members, as well as becoming the bridge between School of Pharmacy, colleges, external organizations and the members.

Executive Committee of the Pharmacy Society 2016

Name Position
CHU, Tsz Fung President
MAN, Shing Hin Internal Vice President
SIN, Sze Lam External Vice President
CHAN, Hiu Kwan Secretary
CHENG, Ho man Financial Secretary
LAU, Chun Him CC College Representative
FUNG, Nga Sze NA College Representative
KWAN, Anders Chi Chun UC College Representative
LEE, Ka Fai Shaw College Representative
LAM, Yui Chi New colleges Representative
HO, Chun Ting Justin Design And Publication Officer
WONG, Tsz Long Marketing Officer



PharmaSky, a group of 12 Pharmacy students, promises to overcome all obstacles and to strive for higher achievements. We commit ourselves to serve all members of the Pharmacy Society with passion and determination, and to create a harmonious Pharmacy family. We will always Serve with dedication, Keep our sincerity, and Yearn for perfection.

Executive Committee of the Pharmacy Society 2015

Name Post
CHEUNG Yin Ga, Janice President
CHAN Sze Yan, Priscilla Internal Vice-president
CHAN Tsz Him, Chris External Vice-president
YEO Wan Qing, Jane Secretary
FONG Ming Kit, Terrence Treasurer
WONG Man Ho, Michael CC College Representative
KAM Wing Sum, Mandy NA College Representative
FAN Chun Ho, Howard UC College Representative
CHEUNG Chi Hoi, Gideon SC College Representative
LEE Ho, Wally New Colleges Representative
LEUNG Ho Wai, Oliver Marketing Officer
SHIA Pui Yan, Fiona Design and Publication Officer




Pharmise, a group of 11 year 1 PHARmacy students who proMISE to unite all pharmacy students in CUHK and serve all members of the society with Patience, Passion and Persistence. We will always be striving for Perfection, hoping to bring to you all a Promising year.

Executive Committee of the Pharmacy Society 2014

Name Post
LI Chun Fung, Thomson President
CHEUNG Wing Ki, Viki Internal Vice-president
KO Ching, Xavier External Vice-president
HO Ka Yan, Karen Secretary
YAM Hoi Lai, Kary Treasurer
IP Yan Yu, Rosanna CC College Representative
CHEUNG Wing Yin, Dorothy NA College Representative
SO Kei Hong, Kenneth UC College Representative
YIP Wai Ying, Shirley
SC College Representative
LO Tsz Ming, Ted New Colleges Representative
CHAN Cheuk Yin Design and Publication Officer





Executive Committee of the Pharmacy Society 2013

Name Post
CHAN Yu Man, Brayden President
CHAN Lok Yee, Emmanuel Internal Vice-president
YIU Bok Hei, Kenneth External Vice-president
LAM Chun Shing, Jason Treasurer
CHOW Cheuk Hin, Kelvin Secretary
WONG Man Hang, Eric CC College Representative
PANG Yiu Kong NA College Representative
CHAN Yik Kei, Christine UC College Representative
YEUNG Shing Hei, Jack
SC College Representative
WONG Chi Ho, Wilson New Colleges Representative
WONG Yin Chi, Belle Design and Publication Officer
YAU Tsz Wai, Suki Design and Publication Officer
IP Chun Ho, Frankie Marketing Officer
HO Sui Hong, Jacky Promotion Officer




We are Explopharm, a group of 15 passionate BPharm Year 1 students. We aim to be partners of every member of the SOP and we promise to serve you all with the stated mission:

  1. Let our passion and innovation EXPLODE.
  2. EXPLORE different possibilities in serving the SOP & society.
  3. To promote EXCELLENT relationship within the SOP.
  4. Give our fellow pharmates an EXTRAORDINARY year.

Executive Committee of the Pharmacy Society 2012

Name Post
FUNG Po Chak, Bobo President
YU Yuk Sum, Yuki Internal Vice-president
CHOW Lai Ching, Vivian External Vice-president
WONG Kai Sang, Kalson Secretary
LAU Yuen Kiu, Cherry Treasurer
YIM Pak Ling, Benny CC College Representative
FUNG Ching Yee, Emily NA College Representative
CHOW Man Lok, Ryan UC College Representative
HUI Ka Ho, Matthew SC College Representative
CHIU Lai Yan, Amity New Colleges Representative
TSANG Pui Ki, Kelly Design and Publication
LEUNG Tsz Hin, Stanley Promotion
CHAN Po Yue, Bonnie Marketing and Development
KONG Yeung, Kevin Academics
CHAN Pak Hay, Andrew General Affairs




The Pharmacy Society this year, Propharm, is formed by fourteen enthusiastic future pharmacists. We bear in mind what the name implies: Pharmacy is a profession; consider critical thinking and an independent mind the fundamentals of a pharmacist’s professionalism; and believe that in the foreseeable future, we can exercise our knowledge in drug-related aspects to help people in need, by educating them the right way of drug administration in a professional manner.

While on the other hand, when it comes to contributing to society, team work between pharmacists is an essence. By organizing various activities for our fellows, we not only enhance the cooperation among our executive committee members and the bonding with our fellows, but also spread our positive image. In our term of office, we are dedicated to well organize each and every activity, so that our fellows have a joyful and fruitful school year; while build up our professional image on the other hand, so as to lead by example to our fellows.

Executive Committee of the Pharmacy Society 2011

Name Post
Mr. Fong Yan-Hin President
Ms. Cheung Man-Ying Internal Vice-president
Mr. Wong Wai-Shing External Vice-president
Ms. Chong Man-wai Secretary
Ms. Chan Hiu-Ching Treasurer
Ms. Chan On-Yi Promotion
Ms. Lam Wai-Ting Recreation
Ms. Ngai Yee-Shan Publication & Design
Ms. Lo Wai-Yin Information Technology
Ms. Cheung Wing-Sze College Representative (CCC)
Ms. Lau Hau-Man College Representative (NAC)
Mr. Chui Ka-Sing College Representative (UC)
Mr. Lai Man-Chit College Representative (SC)
Mr. Ng Wai-Wing College Representative (SH)

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