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Bachelor Pharmacy pharmacy degree CUHK Pharmacy

Increasing access to safe and cost effective medicine is the overarching goal of the teaching, research, and entrepreneurial activities of the School of Pharmacy. Launched in 1992, the CUHK Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) Programme was the first UGC funded pharmacy programme in Hong Kong. It is a 4-year full-time programme that prepares graduates for a 1-year internship before licensure. For more than two decades, the academic staff has lived up to the tradition of bringing out the best in each student with a high quality, rigorous and dynamic curriculum.

We have created a nurturing environment that cherishes teamwork, leadership, and commitment to civic responsibility. The School also takes pride in being able to raise the awareness of the public in the value of those services only the pharmacists are qualified to provide. Over 800 pharmacists in Hong Kong are CUHK graduates, accounting for about 27% of the pharmacist work force. Beginning with the 2016-17 academic year, our School has doubled its enrolment to a class of 61.

Two Decades of Innovation

  • Pioneered an outcome-based Bachelor of Pharmacy curriculum that has been regarded as one of the best at CUHK.
  • Pioneered the first Master of Clinical Pharmacy and the first Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy in Hong Kong.
  • Pioneered the first university-led community outreach program that also serves as an active learning platform for our students.
  • In partnership with the private sector, successfully translated technological innovations created in the School’s research laboratories into a recognized health supplement in Hong Kong.

Programme of Choice for Talented Students

  • Prepares graduates for a successful career in any healthcare setting by emphasizing problem solving, decision making, critical and creative thinking built upon a strong foundation of basic knowledge and skills.
  • Exposes students to an array of innovative learning environments, including oversea exchange and outreach into the community.
  • A dynamic training program known for its excellence in balancing knowledge- and practice-based teaching, integrating western and traditional Chinese Medicine, and emphasizing the importance of behavioral and social sciences that is the foundation of modern patient care.
  • Has forged a strong teaching partnership with the Hospital Authority, Department of Health, community pharmacy, private hospitals, multinational pharmaceutical companies, and local pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Has the strong support of alumni and leaders in the pharmacy profession.
  • Driven by a rich tradition of excellence in discovery, learning, and entrepreneurship under the aegis of a world class academic staff.

BPharm Programme Leaflet


Programme Structure

Our programme is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to be lifelong learners and innovators who accept the responsibility of meeting the public’s needs for safe, efficacious, and cost-effective medicine.

Code Course Title Unit
 First Year of Attendance    
MEDF1011** Faculty Package: Foundation Course for Health Sciences I 2
MEDF1012** Faculty Package: Foundation Course for Health Sciences II 3
MEDF1021 Faculty Package: Public Health & Healthcare Ethics 3
MEDF1031 Faculty Package: Communication Skills 2
PHAR1000 Introduction to Pharmacy 2
PHAR1110** Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2
PHAR1440 Clinical Microbiology & Infection Control 1
Second Year of Attendance    
PHAR1423 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2
PHAR1433**,1434 Anatomy and Physiology I, II 2 each
PHAR2131 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2
PHAR2211**,2212** Dosage Form Science I, II 2 each
PHAR2313 Principles of Pharmaceutical Dispensing 3
PHAR2410** Pharmacology and Therapeutics I 3
PHAR2520** Fundamentals of Herbal Medicines 2
Third Year of Attendance    
PHAR2110 Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design 3
PHAR2213** Pharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing 3
PHAR2220 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics 2
PHAR2320 Pharmacy Law 2
PHAR2330 Contemporary Pharmacy Practice 2
PHAR3413**,3414** Pharmacology and Therapeutics II, III 3 each
PHAR3812** Clinical Assessment and Monitoring 2
 Any One 2-unit course from the following:    
PHAR2710^ Pharmaceutical Research Methods 2
PHAR2711^** Healthcare Management and Pharmaceutical Marketing 2
 Free Elective Courses (to be offered in Summer Term)    
PHAR2018 Inter-professional Learning for Medication Safety 1
PHAR3603 International Pharmacy Practice

  • University of Arizona
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Colorado
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • University of Southern California
  • University of California San Diego
PHAR3604 Community Pharmacy Summer Clerkship 1
PHAR3605 Hospital Pharmacy Summer Clerkship 1
Fourth Year of Attendance    
PHAR1004 Personal Development in Pharmacy 1
PHAR3330** Community Pharmacy Practice 3
PHAR3415** Pharmacology and Therapeutics IV 3
PHAR3420 Pharmacogenomics and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 2
PHAR3510** Complementary and Alternative Medicine 3
Area of Concentration: Research    
PHAR4911**,4912 Research Project I, II 0, 6
Area of Concentration: Pharmacy Clerkship    
PHAR4201® Community Pharmacy Clerkship 2
PHAR4301® Hospital Pharmacy Clerkship 2
  And choice of one clerkship in:  
PHAR4204^ Pharmacy Clerkship: Community-based Practice
PHAR4205^ Pharmacy Management and Administration Clerkship
PHAR4302^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Cardiology
PHAR4303^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Infectious Diseases
PHAR4304^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Psychiatry
PHAR4305^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Oncology
PHAR4306^ Hospital Pharmacy Experience in Mainland China
PHAR4307^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Paediatrics
PHAR4308^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Emergency Medicine/Critical Care 2
PHAR4401^ Industrial Pharmacy Clerkship : Multi-national Company
PHAR4402^ Industrial Pharmacy Clerkship : Local Manufacturer
PHAR4403^ Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine Clerkship 2
PHAR4501^ TCM Clerkship
PHAR4601^ Drug Information Clerkship

** MEDF1011 & 1012 are prerequisites for PHAR1433 & 1434; MEDF1012 is prerequisite for PHAR1423; PHAR1110 is prerequisite for PHAR2110; PHAR1433 is prerequisite for PHAR2410; PHAR2211 & 2212 are prerequisites for PHAR2213; PHAR2213 is prerequisite for PHAR4402; PHAR2410 is prerequisite for PHAR3413, 3414 & 3415; PHAR2520 and PHAR3510 are prerequisites for PHAR4501; PHAR2711 is prerequisite for PHAR4401; PHAR3330 is prerequisite for PHAR4201; PHAR3413, 3414, 3415 & PHAR3812 are prerequisites for PHAR4301; PHAR4911 is prerequisite for PHAR4912.

^ Major Elective

® Required Course for Area of Concentration: Pharmacy Clerkship

CUHK Undergraduate Student Handbook

  • Please click here for the Undergraduate Student Handbook


Admission Requirements Intake

Applicants who are inquisitive, creative, and collaborative and who welcome the challenge of applying science to bring innovative, cost-effective medicine to patients are encouraged to apply. Pharmacists must also be able to communicate effectively with patients and other healthcare team members caring for the patient. Accuracy, attention to details, and a strong sense of ethics are integral to pharmacy practice. The minimum admission requirements are stated as below:


Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) Minimum Requirements

No. of Subjects Subject Level
4 Core Subjects Chinese Language 3
  English Language 3
  Mathematics 3
  Liberal Studies 3
2 Elective Subjects Any two elective subjects 3


These notes are meant to serve as references for the applicants who wish to study in the BPharm programme. The expected academic requirements for interview / admission are based on the results of the admission process in the previous years, and only provide a guide to the expected results in 2020. The exact criteria for admission in 2020 cannot be finalized until all applicants have submitted their academic grades and the interview have been completed.

Last Update: 2020

Admission Video

Admission Series

BIG Journey in the Pharmaceutical Universe of CUHK Pharmacy

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Admission Talk Video

Admission Talk Video


Alumni Series

Dr. Sophia Fong (2009 Graduate) & Dr. Eric Wong (2007 Graduate)

Mr. Twinny Chow (2016 Graduate)

Ms. Karen Cheung (2004 Graduate)

Mr. Michael Yim (2000 Graduate)

Mr. Philip Chiu (1999 Graduate)

Ms. Connie Kong (1998 Graduate)

Prof. Kenneth To (1997 Graduate)

Mr. Freddie Poon (1995 Graduate)


Other Videos

School Song

25th Anniversary Gala Dinner cum White Coat Ceremony

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

A key component of the BPharm curriculum is experiential learning. This type of learning allows students to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world pharmacy practice. Experiential learning encourages a deeper understanding of pharmacy and contributes to the student’s own personal development. At CUHK, these learning opportunities are offered early in the student’s education. Interested students are aligned with our wide network of alumni who offer placement sites in a diverse array of practice settings. In the final year of their studies, students may choose to participate in our signature Pharmacy Clerkship program which highlights the CUHK Pharmacy curriculum and transforms our students into competitive graduates.

Area of Concentration: Pharmacy Clerkship                         

  • Community Pharmacy Clerkship
  • Hospital Pharmacy Clerkship
  • Pharmacy Clerkship: Community-based Practice
  • Pharmacy Management and Administration Clerkship
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Cardiology
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Infectious Diseases
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Psychiatry
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Oncology
  • Hospital Pharmacy Experience in Mainland China
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Paediatrics
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Emergency Medicine/Critical Care
  • Industrial Pharmacy Clerkship : Multi-national Company
  • Industrial Pharmacy Clerkship : Local Manufacturer
  • Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine Clerkship
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Clerkship
  • Drug Information Clerkship

Student Exchange

International Student Exchange

The CU Pharmacy International Exchange program offers an intensive and immersive learning experience of international pharmacy practice. The program provides attachments in various specialty areas such as Community Practice Management, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Organ Transplant etc. Students are engaged in active learning alongside their international preceptors to expand their knowledge and deepen their understanding of pharmacy practice.


Partner institutions include: 

  • Kyoto University, Japan
  • United Family Healthcare, Beijing, China
  • University of Arizona, USA
  • University of California San Diego, USA
  • University of Colorado, USA
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
  • University of Manchester, UK
  • University of Southern California, USA
  • University of Sydney, Australia
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • University of Wisconsin, USA


Scholarships & Prize

Scholarships and Prize

Admission Scholarship

Jacobson Admission Scholarship 5 Awards
PuraPharm Corporation Limited Admission Scholarship 2 Awards
Upjohn School of Pharmacy Scholarship 10 Awards

Exchange Scholarship

Monica Y M Leung Academic Exchange Scholarship 2 Awards
Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited Academic Exchange Scholarship 10 Awards
PuraPharm Corporation Limited Academic Exchange Scholarship 2 Awards

Other Scholarship

Bright Future Leading Scientist Scholarship 2 Awards
Bright Future Research Excellence Scholarship 4 Awards
Fortune Pharmacal Lai Yung Kwoon Foundation Scholarships 2 Awards
HKPMA Best Improvement Award 2 Awards
Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry Scholarship 2 Awards
Jacobson Academic Excellence Scholarship 3 Awards
Jacobson Pharmacy Outstanding Subject Prize 3 Awards
Jacobson Undergraduate Fellowship 2 Awards
Janssen Scholarships 3 Awards
Mannings Future Pharmacist Scholarship 1 Award
Mannings Pharmacy Practice Subject Prize 3 Awards
Pfizer Scholarships 2 Awards
PuraPharm Corporation Limited Scholarship of Excellence 3 Awards
Sally Ng Ho Scholarship  1 Award
SHPHK Outstanding Performance Award 4 Awards
The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong Scholarship 1 Award

Scholarship and Prize Awardees

    • Please click here for the list of Scholarship and Prize Awardees

Graduation Requirements

CUHK Undergraduate Student Handbook

Please refer to The Chinese University of Hong Kong Undergraduate Student Handbook for the terms of regulations. The University / Faculty / School of Pharmacy has the right at any time and from time to time to make such changes. You are advised to visit the CUSIS or the following homepage for the updated information.

Roadmap to a Registered Pharmacist

Bachelor Pharmacy pharmacy degree CUHK PharmacyStudents must complete four years of full-time study for graduation and one additional year of internship to be qualified as registered pharmacists. In their final year of study, students will have training in Research or Pharmacy Clerkship.

Pharmacy Degree (4 years) ⇒ Internship (1 year) ⇒ Registration of Pharmacists*

*Subject to the provisions of the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance (Cap.138, Laws of Hong Kong), any person who intends to practise as a pharmacist in Hong Kong should first be registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board. Applicants who hold a pharmacy degree awarded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong after the completion of a full time course of study at the university are required to undergo the Pharmacy and Poisons Board approved training in Hong Kong for an appropriate period determined by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, which normally is one year. Although the internship program is separate from the school, the CUHK School of Pharmacy has been active in expanding the network of internship sites.

Future Career

Future Career

IMG_20190402_175723The goal of the Bachelor of Pharmacy program at CUHK is to provide our graduates with the core knowledge, skills, and attitude to flourish in any career setting. In general, our graduates are attractive to the employers in all sectors of pharmacy practice.

  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Pharmacist in Teaching & Research
  • Non-government Organization Pharmacist
  • Public/Private Clinic Pharmacist
  • Pharmaceutical Industrial Pharmacist
  • Government Pharmacist
  • Retail Community Pharmacist

Well Established Internship Training Programme

Job opportunities have been offered to our graduates by different healthcare related companies for their internship training.


  • Hospital Authority*
  • Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
  • Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital
  • Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
  • St. Paul’s Hospital
  • St. Teresa’s Hospital
  • Union Hospital

Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

  • Fortune Pharmacal Co. Ltd.
  • GlaxoSmithKline Hong Kong Limited
  • Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Limited*
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals (HK) Limited
  • Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited*
  • Roche Hong Kong Limited

Community Pharmacy

  • Mannings*
  • Watson’s the Chemist*

Local Manufacturer Company

  • Bright Future Pharmaceutical Laboratories Limited*
  • DCH Auriga
  • Europharm Laboratoires Co. Limited
* Summer Practical Training also available

Employer Sharing

Recruitment Talk
Recruitment Talk
Recruitment Talk

Students' Sharing

Students’ Sharing  My 4-year Journey in School of Pharmacy, CUHK









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