2013 Medication Safety for Caregivers

2013-02-25 @ 5:45 pm – 7:15 pm Asia/Hong Kong Timezone
Lecture Theatre 5, Yasumoto International Academic Park
3943 7876 / 3943 1798

05babydrinkEvening Talk (Co-organized by School of Pharmacy and Personnel Office) Medication Safety for Caregivers  晚間講座 (藥劑學院及人事處合辦) 給照顧者的醫藥安全知識

Children and the elderly often need special attention when taking medications. This workshop aims to provide caregivers who look after infants, children and the elderly with additional knowledge to ensure safety in drug use. Topics to be covered include how to properly give and take medications, tips on commonly used over-the-counter medications, how to detect adverse drug reactions, etc. The lecture will be conducted in English with Cantonese/ Filipino (Tagalog) used to supplement discussions. The audience is welcome to bring any medications used during their care for additional inquiry. 照顧者在照料小朋友或長者使用藥物方面尤其需要提高警覺,所以是次講座將會為照顧者提供相關的醫藥知識。 內容包括:如何正確地服用藥物、服用成藥的注意事項及如何監析服藥引致的副作用問題等等。 講座以英語講授,討論環節附以廣東話及菲律賓語 (Tagalog)。歡迎參加者帶同日常服用的藥物作個別查詢。

Speaker : Dr. Ewig Lom-ying, Celeste (Lecturer, School of Pharmacy)
講者: 余南瑛博士 (香港中文大學藥劑學院講師)

Language : English (with Cantonese/ Filipino (Tagalog) used to supplement discussions)
語言: 英語 (討論環節附以廣東話及菲律賓語 [Tagalog])

Target Audience : CUHK Staff, Students, Caregivers and Domestic helpers
對象: 所有中大教職員、學生及其家傭

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