Aug 11 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm 救世軍油麻地長者社區服務中心
香港中文大學藥劑學院主辦 2018年針藥及藥劑親子園藥物安全系列講座 脂肪肝與藥物治療 講者:黃叙諹註冊藥劑師
Sep 1 @ 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm 仁濟醫院社會服務部專業培訓中心
香港中文大學藥劑學院主辦 2018年針藥及藥劑親子園藥物安全系列講座 長期痛症知多D 講者:洪維謙註冊藥劑師
Sep 22 @ 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm 香港中文大學康本國際學術園2樓6號演講廳
香港中文大學藥劑學院主辦 2018年針藥及藥劑親子園藥物安全系列講座 銀屑病:類固醇/生物仿製劑兩面睇 鄭永德註冊藥劑師 及 張苗醫生(皮膚科專科醫生)
Oct 6 @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am 循道衛理灣仔長者服務中心
香港中文大學藥劑學院主辦 2018年針藥及藥劑親子園藥物安全系列講座 認識慢性阻塞性肺病 講者:倪綺珊註冊藥劑師
Oct 19 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm LT1, 7/F, Mong Man Wai Building, CUHK Campus
銀屑病又稱牛皮癬,是一種慢性皮膚疾病,患者皮膚上會出現鱗狀皮屑,不但痕癢難擋,而且還會影響外觀,令患者感到非常困擾。治療方面,主要在於控制病情,醫生通常會處方外用藥物如類固醇等,幫助減輕患處的紅腫情況,以及紓緩病情。是次講座將會講解銀屑病的特性、病因及治療,包括藥物治療及近年引入的生物仿製劑治療。 Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease characterized by patches of abnormal skin. These skin patches are typically red, dry, itchy, and scaly, which cause distress to patients. There is no cure for psoriasis; however, docotrs will manage the cases with steroid medication to alleviate and control the symptoms of … Continue Reading
Oct 22 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm 香港中文大學康本國際學術園2樓6號演講廳
香港中文大學藥劑學院主辦 2018年針藥及藥劑親子園藥物安全系列講座 情緒病與藥物治療 講者:鄭永德註冊藥劑師
Nov 3 @ 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm 耆康會荃灣長者地區中心
香港中文大學藥劑學院主辦 2018年針藥及藥劑親子園藥物安全系列講座 認識柏金遜症 講者:蘇兆麟註冊藥劑師
Nov 24 all-day 香港中文大學
藥劑學院「SUPER Pharm 藥定您」@ 大學本部百萬大道 藥劑學院「校友時光機」@ 李卓敏基本醫學大樓6樓 一年一度的大學盛事「中大校友日」於每年十一月下旬在中大校園舉行,歡迎各屆中大校友攜同親友出席,與昔日同窗知己在校園重聚。 詳情見校友日網頁: The annual CUHK Alumni Homecoming will be held in the end of November every year. We look forward to the great pleasure of having the continuous support from you all in our CUHK Alumni Homecoming! For details, please visit:
Dec 3 – Dec 6 all-day Lo Kwee-Seong Integrated Biomedical Sciences Building, Area 39, CUHK
The Inaugural Asian International Conference on Drug-Drug Interactions (ADDI-2018) will be held on 3 – 6 December 2018 at Lo Kwee-Seong Integrated Biomedical Sciences Building, Area 39, CUHK, it is organized by the Institute for Scientific Communications, Inc. (ISC) ADDI-2018 is an event providing a comprehensive update on the status … Continue Reading
Dec 17 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm 香港中文大學康本國際學術園2樓5號演講廳
香港中文大學藥劑學院主辦 2018年針藥及藥劑親子園藥物安全系列講座 專注力失調及過度活躍症的成因及藥物治療:兒童及青少年篇 講者:蘇宏基註冊藥劑師
Mar 9 – Mar 10 all-day Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Reference Sources:
Mar 18 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Room 201, 2/F, Cheng Yu Tung Building (CYT), CUHK
Speakers: Mr. Alex LEUNG, President, Hong Kong Society for Travel Medicine Founding Group Mr. Dennis FONG, Vice President and Executive Board member, Hong Kong Society for Travel Medicine Founding Group Ms. Bonnie HO, Secretary General and Finance Officer, Hong Kong Society for Travel Medicine Founding Group
Jul 16 – Jul 17 all-day
This interactive workshop is designed for prospective applicants to learn about the MPhil and PhD programmes in the School of Pharmacy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS). Graduate training is a highly personalized experience; therefore, it is critically important that you … Continue Reading
Aug 23 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am 大窩口社區會堂 (葵涌大窩口道 15 號)
講者: 鄭永德先生(註冊藥劑師) – 香港中文大學藥劑學院校友 Speaker : Mr. CHENG, Wing Tak (Registered Pharmacist)  – Alumni of the School of Pharmacy, CUHK 日期: 2019年8月23日(星期五) Date : August 23, 2019 (Friday) 時間:上午十時 至 十一時  Time : 10:00 am – 11:00 am 地點: 大窩口社區會堂 (葵涌大窩口道 15 號) Venue : Tai Wo Hau Estate Community Centre (15, Tai Wo Hau Road, Kwai Chung, NT) 語言: 廣東話 … Continue Reading

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