Experiential Learning

A key component of the BPharm curriculum is experiential learning. This type of learning allows students to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world pharmacy practice. Experiential learning encourages a deeper understanding of pharmacy and contributes to the student’s own personal development. At CUHK, these learning opportunities are offered early in the student’s education. Interested students are aligned with our wide network of alumni who offer placement sites in a diverse array of practice settings. In the final year of their studies, students may choose to participate in our signature Pharmacy Clerkship program which highlights the CUHK Pharmacy curriculum and transforms our students into competitive graduates.

Area of Concentration: Pharmacy Clerkship                         

  • Community Pharmacy Clerkship
  • Hospital Pharmacy Clerkship
  • Pharmacy Clerkship: Community-based Practice
  • Pharmacy Management and Administration Clerkship
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Cardiology
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Infectious Diseases
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Psychiatry
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Oncology
  • Hospital Pharmacy Experience in Mainland China
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Paediatrics
  • Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Emergency Medicine/Critical Care
  • Industrial Pharmacy Clerkship : Multi-national Company
  • Industrial Pharmacy Clerkship : Local Manufacturer
  • Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine Clerkship
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Clerkship
  • Drug Information Clerkship

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